Jo Dee Messina’s husband Chris wouldn’t get up to get the baby one night, but by sleeping in he may have inspired the singer’s newest hit single. ‘A Women’s Rant’ was started by an angry and exhausted Messina as she tended to her youngest son during a late-night wake up call.

“I was run down, exhausted and I think I had the flu,” Messina remembers from that night almost two years ago. Jonah, now two years old, didn’t sleep through the night at all during his first year. It was 4:30AM when he called this time, but Chris barely budged.

“I was waiting for my husband to get the baby, praying to God that he would get this child. I’m nudging him, punching him … ‘Can you not hear this?’”

Finally Messina woke up, and after awhile she was wide awake penning thoughts into her journal. Those thoughts became the first verse of 'A Woman's Rant.' “The rest of it is just what we go through in the course of a day.”

Listen to her chat with Taste of Country Nights to hear her explain how the second verse is also very personal. Prior to chatting up her new ‘Me’ album, Messina sang the original version of ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ and explained how she customized her first hit.

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