Joe Nichols recently underwent serious back surgery, but he's back out on the road even if he's in a little pain.

Nichols apparently injured his lower back long distance running. During the surgery, doctors cut away some of the bone on his lower vertebras and they also removed some of his ligament. His surgery was performed less than a month ago, on June 30.

Nichols didn't quite listen to doctors orders. His doctor urged him to stay home and rest for at least two weeks -- with a healing time of as long as three months. Nichols, being the family man he is, decided to go back to work so he could support his family.

“I told him, ‘The show’s gotta go on,'" he said according to the Country Vibe. "'I highly advise myself to do it. I’ll be in pain, but it’ll be worth it, because like I said, I’ve got babies to feed.’”

Nichols went on stage four days later. He's still performing although he does feel a little bit of pain. He doesn't think fans can tell from the crowd that it's still affecting him. The hardest part for him hasn't been the performing, it's been the fact that he's not able to hold his two-year-old daughter, since he can't lift anything over 10 pounds.

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