Joe Nichols earned an honest and unenviable living before scoring his first hit with 'The Impossible' in 2002. The Arkansas-born singer worked at a warehouse hauling boxes and spent a day as a steak salesman to make enough money for rent, food, bills and beer.

Nichols went back to work in a warehouse during a recent episode of GAC-TV's 'Day Jobs.' "It brought me back to when I didn't make the rules," he said. "It was an honest day's work. That's not what I do now." However, his day selling frozen meat -- in the Tennessee sun -- sounds worse.

"It was so apparently bad that by the end of the day, we would walk halfway up the driveways and people would just come outside and shake their heads, 'No, get back in the truck.'" Even a cold steak isn't refreshing in the 100 degree Nashville heat.