Joe Nichols is putting his spin on the 2012 Dierks Bentley cut, "Diamonds Make Babies."

Originally on Bentley's album Home, Nichols is bringing the song to 2017 as part of his new album Never Gets Old, out on July 28. "Diamonds Make Babies" is one of four songs Nichols has released in advance of the new album, along with the title track, "I'd Sing About You" and "We All Carry Something."

"Diamonds Make Babies" is a special track, not because it was already cut by a fellow major artist, but because it brings the genre back to the whimsical storytelling aspect that fits Nichols so well.

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"That thing is more than just a simple stone / It's got some crazy powers all its own / Something will happen when she slips it on / They never tell ya at the jewelry store," sings Nichols in the first verse before delivering the payoff in the chorus.

"Diamonds make babies / And babies make mamas / And mamas make daddies / Make changes they don't always wanna / I know that you love her / She's one special lady / I'm telling you brother / Diamonds make babies."

The song was written by the trio of Chris Stapleton (before he was famous), Jim Beavers and Lee Thomas Miller, who are most likely delighted to have the song cut a second time by a major artist. Though the delivery is much different, the message of the song still rings the same from both Bentley and Nichols: don't get married, guys! (just kidding). But remember, diamonds make babies.

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