Joe Nichols' voice always has a way of putting one in a trance, and his performance on the new single 'Sunny and 75' is no less effective. He's pure country gold, and when he's paired with a great song, there are few surer things in Nashville.

This is a good song. The arrangement and tempo suggest sadness, but his lyrics couldn't be packed with more optimism. Nichols -- who plays the Taste of Country Music Festival June 13-15 -- is just loving on his woman for three-and-a-half minutes, comparing her to a perfect day.

"A yellow two piece, black Ray Bans / Your bare feet, covered in sand / White jet trails across the blue sky / Your pony tail showing off the sunshine," he begins. Throughout both verses, he paints a vivid picture of the scenery, but a less imaginative portrait of the love he shares with this woman.

"I’m somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75 / You and me on a beach chair / Yeah I’m so there every time I look in your eyes  / Kissing you in the salt air / I can taste it, I swear / Take me somewhere sunny and 75," Nichols professes in a warm southern accent. The singer has a voice made of sweet molasses, and he's never made the mistake of rushing through a verse or chorus. 'Sunny and 75' is no different.

The story and emotions don't quite sink into one's heart the way a great love song will, but the chorus is a bit of an earworm -- one you won't mind welcoming again and again. The singer and his producer take few chances with the arrangement, leaving it up to the vocalist to carry the tune, which he mostly does.

Listen to Joe Nichols, 'Sunny and 75'