On the second episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' country superstar John Rich declared "I don't think I've ever read a kid's book." The teams were choosing their project leader after they found out that this episode's task involved creating and writing a children's book, with a character based on a particular team member. But that wasn't all the contestants were required to do. The book would be performed as a reading in front of children and would be judged on originality, presentation and age-appropriateness.

There was a lot of creativity flowing during this episode, especially from the musicians. Rich asked the group's mentor about the rhyme scheme of the book, and she instructed the writers to stay away from using rhyme, which Rich said he took as a direct challenge to "write it like a country song -- a big idea and a short amount of words." Teammate Mark McGrath offered high praise for Rich's contributions, saying that Rich was able to "coagulate" the group's ideas and was treating the writing of the book like "country song 101."

However, Rich butted heads with teammate and former MLB'er Jose Canseco, who questioned the minutia and semantics of what Rich was penning in the early phases. "Jose Canseco smashes baseballs. He does not write rhymes," Rich pointed out in his confessional interview.

Both the women's and the men's teams did well with the task, and the judges felt that the Rich's rhymes were terrific, so the singer's instincts served him well. Overall, the men's team pulled out the victory tonight and that was largely due to Rich, who obviously was not fired!