Tonight's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice' involved camping ... and Gary Busey as the project manager for the men's team, known as Team Backbone. It also featured a tense scene where country star John Rich defended the honor of country music fans, declaring, "If anyone stereotypes my audience as low intelligence, I will be happy to square off with you about it." There you have it. You don't mess with John Rich or his fans.

The teams were tasked with creating an interactive, modern and fun campaign for Camping World's RV line and Rich really shone, making us wonder when he will be Team Backbone's project manager. He came up with the idea to create a song for Camping World, and his teammate Richard Hatch of 'Survivor' fame was against the idea of using a country music song because the genre's fans are less educated, in his opinion of course. That's when Rich leapt to defend his fanbase. You gotta love John Rich this season.

There were lighthearted moments during the episode, such as when Rich held up a sign that read "just shoot me" during his interview about consorting with Busey. Rich was also seen strumming a guitar, singing about Donald Trump and working as a team, improvising lyrics like, "Please be nice to us."

At the end of the episode, Rich also did say that he felt Busey failed to bring focus to the team and that stamina comes from your mind over your body and sang his song 'Welcome to Camping World' with his guitar and his teammates for Mr. Donald Trump. The song was a big hit, and the marketing execs at Camping World loved it! Rich said, "I don't see how a musical hook hurts any marketing!" Rich also said that simplifying big ideas is his challenge in life and in country music.

He's doing a great job, as a country artist and as a 'Celebrity Apprentice,' as his team picked up another victory, due in large part to his efforts.