In a tweet released before the 60th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night (Jan. 28), country star Jon Pardi took a stand against tobacco.

The tweet, which came from Pardi's feed, read, "During the #Grammys tonight, @truthorange and I want to make everyone aware of Big Tobacco's exploitation of lower-income communities. Proud to join the battle."

A video accompanied the tweet, which featured Pardi, Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds and others speaking out against the tobacco industry. The musicians teamed with the organization Truth, which brands itself as an "unstoppable force of smokers and non-smokers banding together to end smoking for good."

Truth correspondent Mary Choi begins the video by stating, "A staggering 72 percent of remaining smokers come from lower income communities and young adults have the most to lose." University of Nevada, Reno faculty member Dr. Jennifer Pearson then quickly follows with her statement: "Yet we see from tobacco industry documents, they describe them as less educated and having nothing to look forward to."

Pardi chimes in 23 seconds into the commercial: "Just 'cause they see you that way doesn't mean you have to be that way," followed by Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, who says, "They're looking for people who are in a tough spot. That to me is as low as it gets. ... It has to stop."

Truth, which owns the Twitter handle @truthorange, also tweeted photos of other musicians with their backing on the day of the Grammy Awards including Little BIg Town and Luis Fonsi.

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