Josh Abbott's road-worn vocals mixed with Carly Pearce's expressive range make "Wasn't That Drunk" an intoxicating harmony you may not have ordered if you saw it only on paper. There's real chemistry, with the rest of the Josh Abbott Band playing a pivotal role in turning this lyric into a dramatic chain of events.

The fiddle is almost a third collaborator, with lines that mimic the melody. Banjo and a strong rhythm section leave just enough room for the two singers to trade lines about a kiss that wasn't quite the mistake they want to believe. Vocally, Pearce plays Beauty to Abbott's Beast, but together they create a sound that's memorable and effective.

"Wasn't That Drunk" is found on JAB's Front Row Seat album, a project that finds Abbott at his storytelling best. The Texan is a stylist of sorts, and on this new single Pearce (a country newcomer) adds color, tension and beauty.

Did You Know?: The Josh Abbott Band will play "Wasn't That Drunk" with Carly Pearce on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 31.

Listen to Josh Abbott Band, "Wasn’t That Drunk"

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Josh Abbott Band and Carly Pearce's "Wasn’t That Drunk" Lyrics:

(Josh Abbott) “Small talk and old friends / Catching up on how you've been / That smile I missed / Damn, it's good to see you again / I bought you a drink and I asked you to dance / After a couple more rounds, you were holding my hand / Next thing you know, we're closing it down / And we're sharing a cab back to your house.”

“I know we were laughing saying whatever happens / We can blame it on the wine when the sun comes up / If you're thinking it's because we were drinking / Well, that don't mean that it don't mean much / Cause it did and it does / The truth of it is I wasn't that drunk.”

(Carly Pearce) “I was tipsy when you kissed me / But that ain't why I kissed you back / I'll be honest, I've wanted to do that, to do that, do that / Oh so long and oh so bad / Then last night, it happened so fast / I'd do it over, I wouldn't think twice / Cause lying here sober, it still feels right.”

“I want you to know it wasn't just the heat of the moment.”

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