The Josh Abbott Band stopped by their hometown in Texas for a Chimy's Session. The group filmed a performance of their song 'Hangin' Around,' and then shared it with Taste of Country readers first. Watch, during this ToC exclusive.

The band, comprised of Josh Abbott, Austin Davis, Preston Wait, Edward Villanueva, James Hertless and Caleb Keeter, stopped by Chimy's in Lubbock, Texas to play a song on a patio. The group chose, 'Hangin' Around,' but did it a little differently. Normally, the energetic song packs a punch but this time they stripped it down for the session.

After the neon lights of Chimy's disappear, Abbott's country vocals soak the mic while his band softly plays behind him. The majority of the band sit on barstools and play the outdoor patio in Texas and keep it pretty calm. Abbott smiles while he sings lead vocals on 'Hangin' Around,' looking comfortable in sunglasses and a rolled up button down.

"I'm hangin' around if you're hangin' around / If you're stayin' at home, if you're paintin' the town / If you're wantin' to talk you can give me a call," he sings with the band. When the last guitar strum is finished, the group look at each other and smile for their contribution to Chimy's session.

'Hangin' Around' is Josh Abbott Band's newest single and it is available for download on iTunes.

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