Josh Turner (and his deep, low voice) tells tales about the infinite and immeasurable importance of family in his heartwarming and smile-inducing video for the 'Find Me a Baby.'

In the clip, Turner is featured singing the upbeat and catchy song while clips of real-life families, each with their own set of unique circumstances and personal histories, are splashed on screen. The families pose for photos and these connected units are large and small, blended and blood-related, happy and alive! You see military members, expectant moms and several generations interacting.

The footage was collected from real people all over the country and the video shines a spotlight squarely on the importance of family and being with your loved ones. The photos push the narrative forward, effectively letting you into their lives.

The families hold up picture frames, effectively becoming a live snapshot. Turner also holds up a few picture frames featuring families and even appears in some of the frames himself.

Of course, the clip ends with photos of the most important family in Turner's life: his own. His wife and his boys are beautiful, and look to be quite musical, since some of the candid shots were taken in the studio. Adorable!

You'll find yourself watching this video over and over again, since it's so touching and reminds you to show your loved ones how much you care sometime today.

'Find Me a Baby' appear on Turner's latest, 'Punching Bag.'