Josh Turner's lyrics are the product of a dedicated songwriter who works tirelessly to craft the perfect words for every song he releases. His biggest hits have been either sincere or sexy love songs, or reverent dedications to God. This Best Josh Turner Lyrics list shows he's capable of sharing his story in many unique and inspirational ways.

Turner -- who has teamed up with Ariat to give away free boots each week this summer -- is five albums into a career that's included frequent visits to the Grand Ole Opry. That's where the grand prize winner of the Ariat contest will see him, during a paid for vacation to Nashville.

His career began with controversy, however. Many misinterpreted the video for his debut single 'Long Black Train,' but few misinterpreted the lyrical content. This song and four others make this list. Four of the singer's five albums are represented.

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    "She goes off with a great big bang / Boys, I tell you, it's a beautiful thing / She takes off, you better hang on tight / She's a blonde bottle rocket in the middle of the night / When she makes love she's a heart attacker / My little darlin' is a firecracker"

    From one extreme to another is 'Firecracker,' a song Turner wrote with Shawn Camp and Pat McLaughlin. While still very PG, this sexy lyric is Turner's spiciest. He may not have been able to get away with this song as a newcomer in 2003, but by 2007 he'd already established himself as a Romeo with hits like 'Your Man.'

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    'Me and God'

    "There ain't nothing that can't be done by me and God / Ain't nobody come in between me and God / One day we'll live together / Where the angels trod / Me and God"

    Neither of Josh Turner's dedications were his biggest charting hits, but both identify the singer as so much more than just another singer with a cowboy hat. OK, he doesn't wear a cowboy hat, but you get the point. These lyrics are Turner's personal testament to the power of faith. The timeless Ralph Stanley helps him on the single, which was a Top 20 hit in 2007.

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    'Another Try'

    "The reasons I'm alone, I know by heart / But I don't wanna spend forever in the dark / I swear next time I'll hang on for dear life / If love ever gives me another try"

    This duet with Trisha Yearwood was only a Top 20 hit, but the urgency and earnestness of Turner's message puts this song on this Best Josh Turner Lyrics list. Chris Stapleton and Jeremy Spillman co-wrote the 2008 ballad. Few songs by this singer find him displaying genuine regret -- another reason 'Another Try' is so unique.

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    'Your Man'

    "Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low / Put some music on that's soft and slow / Baby, we ain't got no place to go / I hope you understand"

    The chorus was immortalized by Scotty McCreery, but the 'American Idol' winner only showed the world what country fans already knew -- 'Your Man' is a wonderfully simple love song that you can't get out of your head. This isn't one Turner co-wrote, but he did turn it into a chart-topping Platinum single in 2006.

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    'Long Black Train'

    "There's a long black train / Comin' down the line / Feedin' off the souls that are lost and cryin' / Rails of sin, only evil remains / Watch out, brother, for that long black train,"

    The long black train Turner sings about is a metaphor for the devil, but that message never comes across in a heavy-handed way on this hit song from 2003. More than any other song from this singer, 'Long Black Train' changed lives -- maybe even saved a few. His poetic lyrics and superb performance make this song an easy choice for the Best Josh Turner Lyrics list.

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