Yes that is Julianne Hough sporting hair that's as tall as, well … Julianne Hough. The country starlet, dancer and actress has a leading role in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie 'Rock of Ages,' set to hit theaters in June, 2012.

The movie is a remake of the popular Broadway play. Hough plays Sherrie Christian, a Kansas girl who's moved to Hollywood hoping to make it big. She falls for Drew Boley (played by Diego Boneta), an aspiring rock star but part-time busboy at the Bourbon Room in Los Angeles. To save the legendary nightclub, the owner hires Arsenal (fronted by Tom Cruise's Stacee Jaxx) to play a show.

Fans don't get see much of Cruise's portrayal of an '80s rock star, but director Adam Shankman said they will soon. Future trailers will include Cruise singing, screaming and living the life of excess that one expects from a hairband singer.

"I've never met anybody on any movie I've ever worked on … that had more fun than Tom," Shankman tells MTV News in a recent interview. "I think Tom was just like a kid in a candy store because no one had ever asked him to do anything like this before."

Hough is featured plenty in the clip below, thankfully. It's clear that like most women in the movie, she's charmed by Stacee Jaxx's ambivalence, but she doesn't seem to go quite as far as some bubbly blondes. We certainly don't want to spoil the plot for those who've never seen the musical, but we will suggest that looks can be deceiving!

Watch the 'Rock of Ages' Trailer