The ninth song on Justin Moore's 'Outlaws Like Me' album is as close to a dare as one can get without using the word. Moore tells Taste of Country that 'Guns' was inspired by a random thought during a songwriting session with Jeremy Stover. One of the two friends suggested writing a song called 'Guns' after a hard day's work on 'My Kinda Woman,' another track from 'Outlaws Like Me.'

"So we call our buddy and say, 'Hey come on over, we're gonna write this song, and bring a case of beer,'" Moores says. At first songwriter Jamie Paulin was not impressed. Moore remembers him saying, "We cannot write a song called 'Guns,'" but the two were persistent. "Yeah we can, we're the songwriters," Moore recalls saying. "We can do whatever we want to do. And I'm the artist and you know I'll cut it."

The chorus holds no tricks or hidden symbolism: "Guns / Whether Remingtons or Glocks / Come on man it ain't like I'm slinging 'em on the block / I'm gonna tell you once, and listen son / As long as I'm alive and breathin' / You won't take my guns."

The first verse of lyrics is a history of the storyteller's gun ownership, while the second explains why they're needed: "If there ever was a time we need 'em / I'd say it'd be today / When we're letting them terrorists watch cable TV and walk out of Guantanamo Bay ... If we don't have 'em / What are we gonna do, tell me  / Where are we gonna go / Somebody breaks into my house / I'm gonna need my Colt 44."

Moore says he's been working with the National Rifle Association for years, and is proud of their efforts. "The perception of the NRA is they just wave the flag for the second amendment, which they do, but they do so many great things: Gun safety, helping teach people what they need to know about owning a gun. They teach you how to do things the right way." No doubt as soon as the NRA hears about 'Guns,' the song will be worked into their message.

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 tracks on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back daily for the story behind a different song.

Watch Justin Moore Sing 'Guns' Live