Justin Moore's new 'Off the Beaten Path' album includes duets with Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels, two of the more intimidating figures in country music. One of these two is a big softy, the 'Point at You' singer says in this Taste of Country exclusive video interview. The other ... well, the other he's even a little afraid of.

Additionally, Moore opens up about who his oldest daughter's favorite artist is. Shockingly it's not her daddy, but a guy who shares his name. Do you remember when the singer got that arm tattoo for Ella? He's got another one planned for his youngest, but there's an even more personal piece of art he's considering first.

In addition to the two duets and the rising single 'Point at You,' 'Off the Beaten Path' (in stores today (Sept. 17)) includes plenty of the rebellious country twang fans have come to appreciate. There's a little more love on this third album from the Arkansas-born singer, but that doesn't mean he's gone soft.