A third album can be a trap album for an artist like Justin Moore. To get this far means you've had some success and made a little money, especially if you write your own songs, as the 29-year-old does. With two kids and a wife at home, those weekends away lose their luster no matter how seductive the thrill of playing for thousands of fans who know every word to every song you've ever cut can be.

During an interview with Taste of Country, Moore says it's not the haters or the doubters that motivate him -- it's the fans he hasn't met yet. It's those that still look at him as an artist who hasn't quite popped, despite four Gold singles and two Gold albums. For some, it's still a surprise when someone from his team mentions his seven straight Top 20 singles.

"People go 'Really?'" Moore says. "I'm like 'Man, yeah, I've been around for a long time!'"

A third album is in the works for late summer or early fall, and Moore is planning a 60-date headlining tour to follow a recent trek that exceeded expectations. "People go, 'So y'all playing clubs?' I go, 'No, we're playing arenas! What are you talking about?'" he says laughing.

"My point is we've kind of been under the radar. Nobody realizes it," Moore adds. "That's even more motivation for me."

'Point at You,' the current single, reflects the more diverse sound Moore says his new album will display. Right now he plans on having 16 songs, eight of which he helped write. "It is the most diverse I've done, but I want my fans to know I haven't cut a pop album by any stretch of the imagination," he reveals.

Ten to 12 of the songs will feel familiar to fans of 'Small Town U.S.A.' and 'Bait a Hook,' while the others will be love songs. Moore says he didn't think fans or radio wanted to hear him sing a gushy ballad until the success of 'Til My Last Day' proved otherwise. One song called 'That's How I Know You Love Me' is "Purple Rain-esque," he says, referring to the Prince hit.

"I think Prince is a bad ass … that'll probably blow some cowboy hats off some people," Moore furthers.

The trimmer-than-ever singer (he's down 12 to 15 pounds) comes across as composed and confident. His words pour out like Heinz 57, and his sharp sense of humor is dryer than Georgia dirt in August. Truth be told, he gets nervous with each new milestone, saying he follows a "one hit at a time" motto.

"I'm always freaking out," he admits. "I'm always watching the chart going 'Oh God! We're done.' I'm one of those guys, which sucks."

'Point at You' is nearing the Top 20, and is sure to become his eighth straight to hit that mark. For now, Moore's career seems safe, as he continues to land primes slots on the summer's biggest festivals, including the Taste of Country Music Festival, which he'll play on June 14. His set is booked before Montgomery Gentry and Trace Adkins, on the middle day of the three-day festival. Buy tickets to ToC Fest here.