Justin Moore has just announced the release of his fourth studio album. His first record in almost three years is titled Kinda Don't Care. 

"It's hard to believe that we just recorded our fourth album. The process has changed, drastically, since our first time in the studio so many years ago,” Moore says in a press release.

The charmingly Southern record will feature 12 new tracks, and an additional five cuts on the deluxe version. Moore co-wrote two songs featured on the project, and some of Music City's finest writers contributed, including Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman, Ben Hayslip and Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three.

Moore recruited his tourmate Brantley Gilbert for some help on Kinda Don't Care. The two duet on a track titled "More Middle Fingers."

The title of the album may imply a laid-back approach to the making of the record, but Moore insists it has a much different meaning.

“This is the best piece of music we've delivered because it gets more fun each time," he says. "Naming the album Kinda Don't Care is not meant to be nonchalant or careless. It's meant to be a challenge to folks to live life a little more freely and be true to themselves.”

Kinda Don't Care is slated for release on Aug. 12, with pre-orders for the standard and deluxe versions available beginning July 15.

Justin Moore, Kinda Don't Care Track Listing:

1. “Robbin’ Trains”
2. “Put Me in a Box”
3. “Kinda Don’t Care”
4. “Hell on a Highway”
5. “Goodbye Back”
6. “You Look Like I Need a Drink”
7. “Somebody Else Will”
8. “Between You and Me”
9. “Got it Good”
10. “Rebel Kids”
11. “More Middle Fingers”
12. “Life in the Livin’”

Deluxe EditionTracks:

13. “Middle Class Money”
14. “Pick Up Lines”
15. “Spendin’ the Night”
16. “When I Get Home”
17. “Amen”

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