Justin Moore's 'Point at You' video -- the clip for the lead single from his forthcoming third studio album -- shows off both his wild side and his softer side.

At the beginning, the country crooner is shown tossing a bouncy ball around in a bleak jail cell, clad in his cowboy hat and boots. The scene changes to Moore filling up truck with gasoline, and having a little friendly chase that was a little too fast, judging from the police car that screamed up behind him.

Throughout the video, his beautiful girl, played by a leggy brunette, shows up to rescue him from whatever trouble he's dreamed up. With a flash of her pearly whites and a toss of her gorgeous locks, she gets him out of tickets, sneaks him out of a poker game disrupted by police, and shows that she has what it takes when she punches the daylights out of a pool-playing troublemaker. She also bails him out of jail...more than once.

The end of the 'Point at You' video reminds fans that Moore still likes fast cars, even with all the mishaps he's been in. Sometimes, you just can't get between a cowboy and his truck.

The 'If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away' singer should be proud of this video, as it depicts the song in a decidedly literal way. Although it's not the most creative or out-of-the-box video, it feels like a true country music video. It's definitely more lighthearted than his 'Til My Last Day' tearjerker. After headlining his Outlaws Like Me Tour, Moore, a father of two, shows that he's still capable of being bit of an outlaw at heart... even if it's just in music videos.

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