Justin Moore is trying to balance things out with his two daughters -- literally. As fans know, when the singer's daughter Ella Cole was born on February 11, 2010, he had a large tattoo of her birth date tattooed on his right forearm. Since second daughter Kennedy Faye joined the Moore household on November 21, the proud papa has been trying to decide how to commemorate her arrival.

“Well, it's funny when I got [the first tattoo] I was thinking 'Should I get it to where I could get another one if I had another kid?'” Moore said through his record label Valory Music Co. “And I hated to get something permanent on my body just to, hoping to have more kids, you know? So, I don't know, maybe I'll have to get it a little smaller this time or something. I kid and tell my wife [Kate] that Ella's always going to be my favorite so it doesn't matter.”

Oops! Come on, Dad! Don't start playing favorites already, even in jest! As his wife said when he made the remark, “You can't say that!!” Our guess is, by looking at the love shining in Moore's eyes as he posed for a portrait with his new daughter, he already regrets the remark!

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