Justin Moore returns to what he’s best known for on ‘This Kind of Town,’ his third single from the ‘Off the Beaten Path’ album. The ballad reminisces about the hallmarks of small town USA. Blue collars, Friday night football, Sunday morning church … If Rockwell was a country singer, he’d write this kind of song.

Songs like ‘This Kind of Town’ (and ‘Small Town USA,’ ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away’ and a half dozen others from his three studio albums) are Moore’s bread and butter. His twang pours effortlessly over images of old men shooting the breeze at a corner McDonalds. When he says “'Cause deep down inside of me I know Heaven's gotta be / This kind of town” you believe him like you believe in Jesus, or at least the local preacher.

In this kind of town we know how to fix it / We know how to make it, we know how to mix it / Friday night lasts all weekend long / We crank it up loud and sing a little song about / This kind of town,” he sings to close the first verse.

Moore draws criticism from certain country crowds for leaning too heavily on familiar stories and American images, but it’s these songs — and the warmth he brings to each lyric — that has him filling arenas every year.

Sunday morning rolls around / We walk up the aisle and kneel down / We look around at all we've been given / And we thank God to be living in / This kind of town.”

‘Off the Beaten Path’ holds more variety than what he’s shared with radio, but Moore clearly appreciates the “If it ain’t broke …” way of life. Perhaps that’s another steady tenet of ‘This Kind of Town.’

Why Fans Will Love It: Moore sings about small town American with as much genuine passion as anyone. The song is true to who he is.

Key Lyrics: "Girls will out drink you / Boys will out Hank you / Tie a yellow ribbon on a tree to say thank you"

Did You Know?: This is the second time Moore has used "Hank" as a verb. He has a song called 'Hank It' on his self-titled debut album.

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