Kacey Musgraves plays the part of a bored diner waitress, trapped in a mundane job in her slice-of-life 'Blowin' Smoke' video.

She passes the time smoking out back with her equally disgruntled co-workers, in between delivering blue plate specials to patrons and refilling coffee mugs. Despite this not-so-enviable station in life -- and the fact that she is surrounded by thick plumes of smoke throughout the clip, so much so that it'll make you cough from afar -- Musgraves is still engaging and beautiful.

The country newcomer is certainly a babe and you wouldn't mind serving up your eggs, pancakes or a burger at your favorite greasy spoon. She and her fellow diner employees appear to break out of their boring, low tipping gig in this smoky, side-of-the-road restaurant, coming to life in a scene that feels like a fantasy.

But then again, what else is there to do besides dream big when you're living small? This mini mutiny is fun to watch.

Musgraves is eye candy, but she is incredibly believable as a service worker trying to make the best of a not-so-great situation.

There is a thread of "How did I get here?" humor woven through the entire video, which keeps it (and Musgraves) from morphing into a Debbie Downer clip that leaves you bummed out when it ends.