We may be heading full-on into Halloween season, but that doesn't stop Kane Brown from releasing a new song that makes us feel like it's still summertime. Brown's "Short Skirt Weather," which dropped Thursday night (Sept. 27), is a happy bop that celebrates that time-honored warm-weather female wardrobe item: The miniskirt.

"Oooh, my baby's made for short skirt weather," Kane assures listeners in the chorus of the bubbly tune, which sonically leans all the way country. He previewed the song earlier in the day on social media, looking as if he couldn't quite hold back the giggles while doing so.

The infectious, retro-feeling melody — somewhat reminiscent of, say, upbeat '90s Alan Jackson — will have fans tapping their toes, if not outright jumping up and grabbing their favorite gal or guy for a spin on the dance floor. A raucous piano solo and a smattering of fiddle add to the authentic sound.

It's perhaps a shame that Brown didn't release the song during the summer, as it seems tailor-made for warm nights and poolside parties. However, it's a surefire hit no matter what season, and will likely be a welcome anthem for those not quite ready yet to trade their flip-flops for football games.

The song is the latest from his upcoming sophomore album Experimentwhich is rapidly approaching its release date of Nov. 9. Brown co-wrote all 12 tracks and says he went for a sonic mix when creating the set.

“There are songs that are big in terms of production, and then there are traditional country songs on there so we can show we can still do that and bring those back," he describes to Taste of Country.

Brown is currently on Chris Young's 2018 Losing Sleep World Tour through December.

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