Kassi Ashton lashes out at unfaithful ex-lovers in her new song, "Violins." The funky, rhythmic banger comes filled with attitude and cold country truth.

The newcomer wrote "Violins" with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby, and she says it was inspired by a vent session about her cheating ex-boyfriends. As often happens, they came begging for a second chance.

"That's when I rolled my eyes, raised two fingers to my ear and mimicked what my dad used to call the world's smallest violin," she says.

"I can't hear the violins you're playing / There's no symphony inside my head / I've got my own marching band / Guess I lost my give-a-damn / I can't hear the violins you're playing," she sings during the chorus of "Violins."

The catchy melody stands apart from other country songs about exes due to the California, Mo., native's punk-rock sensibilities. It's impossible to put a white picket fence around this woman's music.

"I see the tears that you cry / But I ain't gonna drink them," Ashton sings to start "Violins."

A lyric video accompanied the release of her new song. She stars as the marching band member that marching band boys always wished would join the group. It's a provocative visual for a song that's not afraid to be sensual. Fans knew of this fearlessness already, however. She is the woman who released "Taxidermy" in 2018.

Since signing with Universal Music Group, Ashton has released a handful of songs digitally, but hasn't yet dropped her first official radio single. There are currently no tour dates listed on her official website.

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