'American Idol' judge Keith Urban and Grammy winner Gary Clark, Jr. took to the 2014 Grammys stage for an electric performance of 'Cop Car' on Sunday night (Jan. 26).

Urban looked laid back as always in a v-neck T-shirt, his sharp new haircut making him look more like a country-rock blend than ever. It was a cool deal, pairing up a country superstar and musician/actor who has been described as being the future of Texas blues.

The 'Little Bit of Everything' hitmaker showed off his guitar abilities during the performance with a truly rocking solo, and he grinned from ear to ear while playing. Clark took over with an equally impressive, completely blazing guitar moment. Both artists took it in to play together, and Urban slugged Clark so hard on the shoulder at the end that it almost knocked him over!

'Cop Car' is Urban's latest single from 'Fuse.' The song tells the story of falling in love from the back of a police car -- and on Sunday, there were probably a lot of fans who fell in love with Urban from their living room!

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