Keith Urban hits the desert sand in his video for 'For You.' The song appears in the upcoming action flick 'Act of Valor,' which tells the story of Navy SEALS. This clip features Urban and his band performing in the baking hot heat of the sun, spliced with images from the film.

Aside from the shots of Urban knuckling down on his axe and flipping his always well-styled hair, the video gives us a good indication of how the film plays out. We see the SEALS, their gig, their plights, their families and their personal lives. Being a Navy SEAL ain't easy, that's for sure.

Even though Urban is Australian, he still shows his support to the men and women who risk their lives for this great country with this song and video.

The video also has some "cool stuff," like the explosions that detonate in the background while Urban is playing. It looks pretty awesome, yes, when stuff blows up. But it also hammers home the point that while Navy SEALs have a tough job, somebody has to do it.

Watch the Keith Urban 'For You' Video