Somebody scorned Kelleigh Bannen, and she’s making the most of it. Her new single ‘Famous’ is a good old-fashioned revenge song set to a very contemporary beat. The chorus is infectious, but like good moods and success, not the common cold or ringworm.

“I'm gonna make you famous / Tell 'em all about you / Gonna all know what your name is / All over this town,” Bannen sings. Much like ‘Cruise’ by Florida Georgia Line, it’s a lyric with sharp hooks. The two songs are comparable in other ways -- both rely on loops and effects that may make some uncomfortable. It may be premature to say Bannen is leading the Sis-Country movement, but a song of female empowerment is long overdue.

“When you walk in the bar everyone’ll stop talking / Know who you are, you can hear a pin dropping / They're gonna stare / They’ll know you everywhere, oh yeah,” she sings during the second verse.

Bannen didn’t write ‘Famous,’ but her performance is personal, much like it was on her 2012 debut ‘Sorry on the Rocks.’ It’s a tight lyric matched with edgy — but not too edgy — production from Jason Lehning and Jedd Hughes. The two men do a nice job accentuating the spirit of this fem-anthem.

“Boy, I’m gonna stop you before you get a chance to / Break another heart,” Bannen sings during ‘Famous.’ The trick with this type of song is giving men something to hold onto, as they’re almost half of any country radio station’s listening audience. The chorus is enough for anyone with a pulse to appreciate.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's catchy, and Bannen's performance is confident and commanding.

Key Lyrics: "I'm gonna make you famous / Tell 'em all the whole truth / Don't you know what goes around comes around"

Did You Know?: The Nashville native once played 90 shows in 90 days to benefit the Butler Center for research. So by the time she got a chance to play alongside labelmate Luke Bryan, she was ready.

Listen to Kelleigh Bannen, ‘Famous’

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