Kellie Pickler's new album '100 Proof' has been pushed back to a Jan. 24 release, but the singer has already revealed the titles of the songs she'll include. Previously, Pickler had promised a much more traditional sounding album than her first two, and to judge by the track listing, she's living up to that promise.

The album will include her Top 30 single 'Tough,' as well as 'Stop Cheatin' on Me,' 'Rockaway' and 'Where's Tammy Wynette,' three songs she's performed in concerts recently.

Also included is 'Mother's Day,' a song Pickler wrote with her husband Kyle Jacobs. “He came over and brought his guitar, and we went through all the feelings, all the emotions, all the thoughts that I have and go through on Mother’s Day, and why it’s so difficult for me,” she told The Boot. “It’s one of those things where it’s like a slap in your face. We put as much as we could into three minutes of that. That was really therapeutic, and really amazing to get to write with him, especially when you hear the song and you get to the second verse -- that was so special to write with him."

Two other songs on this track listing could, presumably, touch on Pickler's past. 'Little House on the Highway' and 'The Letter (To Daddy)' may describe her turbulent childhood in Albermale, N.C. The 'I Wonder' singer has said there is plenty of that type of music on '100 Proof.'

Kellie Pickler '100 Proof' Track Listing:

1. 'Where's Tammy Wynette'
2. 'Unlock That Honky Tonk'
3. 'Stop Cheatin' on Me'
4. 'Long As I Never See You Again'
5. 'Tough'
6. 'Turn On the Radio And Dance'
7. 'Mother's Day'
8.'Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song)'
9. 'Little House on the Highway'
10. '100 Proof'
11. 'The Letter (To Daddy)'