Kelly Clarkson is just a month away from welcoming her second child, and she couldn't be more excited. While she didn't fully reveal her soon-to-be son's name, she did tell radio show Valentine in the Morning that it begins with "R."

Clarkson was in good spirits, laughing as the radio hosts started guessing her son's name. Could it be Ramone? Perhaps Ryan? Or maybe Ryder? While Clarkson gave a resounding no to each, she did admit that she and husband Brandon Blackstock were considering Ryder as a middle name.

The "Piece by Piece" singer says this will be her last baby, as she's had a difficult time with both of her pregnancies.

"I also have this thing called edema when I get pregnant where you blow up and it looks like you've been stung by one thousand bees and you're highly allergic," she explains. "I'm so panicked about it. I look like I'm 400 pounds. I lost 30 pounds in nine days [after my last pregnancy] and it was all fluid. It's so uncomfortable and I look horrendous."

Clarkson adds that her difficult pregnancy and emotions often make it hard to get through singing her song "Piece by Piece" — which she describes as a "sad but hopeful" song about her relationship with her father — while on tour.

"The whole last tour I couldn't get through it except two times I made it through," she explains of the song, which praises her husband Brandon, who also came from a broken home. "I think we just have a real understanding of each other's background. He focuses on the positive and I'm so creative and dark. He'll pull me out. He's just a really cool dude. He's my own personal superman."

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