With the music world buzzing about who should fill in the shoes of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges on 'American Idol,' many stars are giving their two cents on their picks.

While Kelly Clarkson is an alumni of 'Idol,' she says she wouldn't feel comfortable sitting behind the judges table, but feels another winner of the hit singing competition should: Carrie Underwood.

"She would [be the perfect judge]," Clarkson tells Us Weekly. "Didn't she major in journalism or something? And she can have that face ... that bluff face! She can put that on! She would be good."

As far as Clarkson goes, she will stick to her current reality television gig mentoring young hopefuls on the new hit show 'Duets,' also starring Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles.

"[Being a] mentor is more my style," Clarkson explains. "And not just mentoring, getting to be a part of the song with them, getting them amped up -- from our rehearsals to stage, it's so exciting being onstage. It's fun!"

No word from Underwood's side on how she would rate herself as a judge, but seeing how she just released her fourth studio album, 'Blown Away,' and is gearing up for the launch of her U.S. tour of the same name, the Oklahoman would definitely not have the time or energy! Visit Underwood's official website for all the latest tour dates where she will be stopping this year.