Kelsea Ballerini is joining Rascal Flatts on their Rhythm & Roots Tour this summer, and the guys decided to make her feel at home with them by donning a look that matches her own: blonde hair. Though it may not have been as successful in its execution, their intentions behind the gesture were pure.

“Well, it’s Rhythm & Roots. We’ve gone back to our roots. We are blondes. We are natural blondes,” explains Joe Don Rooney in the Facebook video.

“We told you we were excited to have you on tour,” adds Gary LeVox.

“We just wanted to make you feel comfortable,” Jay DeMarcus chimes in.

Ballerini, who considers herself the band’s biggest fan, took the reins and decided to see how well Rascal Flatts actually know themselves. She brought out some trivia questions for the guys to test their Rascal Flatts knowledge versus her own, and unfortunately, they didn’t fair too well.

The "Peter Pan" singer asked the trio how many guitar picks they go through on tour, and they took wild guesses until LeVox got the closest to the real number, 1,300. Ballerini also quizzed them on how many miles they were going to travel on their upcoming tour (another failing grade due to cheating), and finally, how many No. 1 singles they’ve earned. That one, they knew.

Ballerini confirmed that yes, it is 16 No. 1s, and then brought out a cake she’d had made for them to congratulate them on the achievement, complete with their faces rendered in icing.

“We don’t look anything like that!” one of the members protests, laughing. Ultimately they loved the gift, though.

“You’ve done more for us than any other opening act,” DeMarcus tells Ballerini.

If this video is any indication, the Rhythm & Roots Tour is going to be a fun one, with the added bonus of Chris Lane to round out the gang. They kick off the tour June 17 in Charlotte, N.C., and wrap in September.

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