Kid Rock is releasing a line of T-shirts that show support for President-elect Donald Trump and take aim at anyone who doesn't. The shirts have slogans that range from enthusiastic support for Trump's plans to vulgar attacks on those strongly opposed to his policies and rhetoric.

In a post on Twitter, Rock says he's releasing the "current event" merchandise via his online store due to overwhelming demand. So far that includes three T-shirts and a red ball cap that reads "Make America Badass Again." The "God Guns & Trump" shirt is the most PG-rated of the T-shirts. Two others have caused a stir on social media.

A black T-shirt with an electoral map of the 2016 presidential election refers to all states Trump won as the United States of America and all states that Democratic nominee Hillary Cinton won as "Dumbf--kistan." The other one is called the "Missing D" T-shirt. There's a photo of Trump, but he's referred to as "_onald Trump."

"The 'D' is missing because it's in every hater's mouth," Rock's T-shirt says.

Below is a sampling of reaction tweets, first discovered by Fox News. Rock has been a strong supporter of Trump's for quite some time. Over the last several years his criticism of President Barack Obama has gone from lighthearted to stinging. In 2015 he said he didn't vote for him but acknowledged the sense of change in the air. However, he feels he's leaving a country more divided than ever.

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