Kip Moore wasn't even being pressed for the intimate details of his love life when he shared a clue that begged for more questions.

Talking to Taste of Country about his new single "She's Mine" prior to the 2019 CMA Awards, Moore said he felt the meaning of the song has changed for him personally since he wrote it a decade ago.

"The whole thing came about just from me coming from southern Georgia, kind of like a lot of people that are from there never really get out of those Southern walls," he shares.

"For me to be all the way on the other side of the country in a cafe and hitting it off with this girl years ago and telling my guitar player at the time, 'I don't know where it's gonna come from or when I'm gonna be ready' ... the song is just about how I'm meeting people from all over."

It's what he said next that has us scouring his social media accounts. Sadly, there are no clues about who he might be talking about, but he did seem to confirm there's someone special north of the border.

"She's Mine" is the first taste of Moore's next studio album, slated for 2020. He says it's finished and been delivered, and while no two of his albums sound the same, this one has a Wild Ones (2015) vibe at times. We can confirm there are not any collaborations planned for this album. Moore says they have to happen organically, and when they're suggested for marketing purposes, he kind of bucks and turns them down. The right song and singer (American or Canadian) has not come around quite yet, it seems.

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