Last Wednesday (June 13), Kip Moore experienced another first in his life, as BMI headquarters in Nashville filled up with supporters of his career to celebrate his recent multi-week chart-topping hit, 'Somethin' 'Bout a Truck.' Moore and his co-writer Dan Couch received numerous plaques and trophies, as well as words of encouragement and praise on the rooftop of the publishing company.

As Moore stood on the small stage and listened to industry greats -- including his producer Brett James -- speak so highly of him and his achievements, the singer wiped away tears on numerous occasions. Following the ceremony, both Couch and Moore had the opportunity to address the industry and emotions ran even higher for both first-time chart-topping writers. Moore slipped on his sunglasses mid-way through Couch's speech, and then took the microphone for his own set of thank yous, made with a shaky voice and wet eyes.

"I am more nervous right now than I was playing the damn [LP Field] the other night," Moore joked as he lowered his head to gather his thoughts, thanking his band and key industry personnel who believed in him early on. "There are just so many people to say thank you to. I hope I get to do this again ... maybe the next time, I'll be able to cruise right through it [without crying]! My life has changed because of these people [surrounding me].

Moore admits that the whole concept of having a No. 1 song was hard to comprehend for many weeks leading up to the big party this week. "It’s what you always dream of as a songwriter," he tells Taste of Country. "In my position, you get so used to it not happening. You always hope. People always ask me if I expected it to happen … I’ve always believed in myself, but I’ve learned to never expect things because you get so used to it not happening. So I always hoped. I just now in the last few days have had a chance to kind of process the whole thing because I’ve come home and I haven’t been on the road doing shows."

As for the song itself, Moore always knew it was a special tune. "I felt like it was a little bit different," he said. "The whole arrangement was different. There were four verses before the chorus, and that never happens. I was told that was an absolute no-no. Everybody was like, 'There’s no way we can put that on radio because it takes too long to get to the chorus.' But I always believed it was groovy enough and it was catchy enough. I said let’s just give this thing a shot."

Moore's followup single from his 'Up All Night' album will be 'Beer Money,' a song he co-wrote with Blair Daly and Troy Verges.

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