For the first summer in nearly a decade, Kristian Bush didn't tour with Sugarland, as the duo is on hiatus. This meant more time to write, pursue solo projects and just be a dad again. The co-founder of country's most successful duo since Brooks and Dunn says he's rolling all three of those jobs into one enjoyable ball -- and loving it.

"My kids are at a unique age," Bush tells Taste of Country, talking about 8-year-old Camille and 11-year-old Tucker. "(They) get off school and they come and lay down in the floor of the studio and they're doing their homework while I'm doing it. This past week we had artists in, whoever the artist is they just have to deal with my kids being around."

The younger of the two, Camille, is showing signs of a musical future. Bush says he'll ask her if a song he's working on is a hit, and she'll be honest with him. "She picked 'All I Want to Do' the moment I started playing the melody a long time ago," he reveals.

"Integrating my kids and parenting into my creative space has been probably the most rewarding part of this year, because they get to see me sing about things that are on my mind and now they're learning," he adds. "Like Camille is now writing songs."

The night before, Bush prepared to sing her to sleep as he always does, but was stopped. "She was like, 'Dad, do you have your phone in your pocket?'" he shares. "And I was like, 'Yeah, why?' She says, 'You need to record this!'"

'Love or Money' just became Bush's first solo release to digital retailers in America, having gone to iTunes on Oct. 10. The singer and Sugarland co-founder says he'd love to put out a solo album, but he has over 160 songs to sift through to find 10-12 that belong on the project. In the meantime, Music Mondays will suffice as his outlet.