Kristy Lee Cook's new single is a chance for the one-time 'American Idol' contestant to prove herself as a great country vocalist, and she doesn't miss. 'Wherever Love Goes' puts her next to Randy Houser, and the two trade lines like champion prizefighters trading haymakers.

At times, Houser overpowers Cook, especially during the chorus. Cook stands out during each verse however, showing off a low end that can be compared to that of LeAnn Rimes.

"Let's close our eyes and walk out of that wire / Into that fire / I know we can make it / Oh and I've got all the faith we'll ever need / And I believe, oh I believe, that chances are worth taking," the labelmates sing during the second verse.

'Wherever Love Goes' feels like something of a forced marriage. The duet is certainly pleasing, but the romance lacks heat. The two originally released this track as a song on Houser's 'How Country Feels' album, and literally flipped roles to make it a Cook duet featuring Houser. The production is the same, right down to the vocal inflections, guitar solos and improvisations between lyrics.

"Wherever love goes / Whatever it takes / Through good and bad I've got your back / I'm all the way / Wherever love moves / You're never alone / I'll move with you / And baby I'll move with you too / Wherever love goes," Cook and Houser sing during a powerful, soaring chorus.

Any sincerity lost is covered up by two strong vocal performances. Lyrically, Jason Sellers, Neil Thrasher and Paul Jenkins don't try to make this anything more than a pure, easy-to-appreciate love song. It has wedding potential, even if it seems the two singers have just met.

Listen to Kristy Lee Cook feat. Randy Houser, 'Wherever Love Goes'