Kyle Park's 'Heart of You' -- the new single from his EP, 'Fall 2010' -- is pure, catchy, feel-good country music that successfully grabs just the right words to explain the indescribable feeling of being fresh in love.

Park expresses how he feels like a kid again, and perfectly describes that new-in-love feeling of constantly floating and not wanting to touch the ground, even without really knowing the right moves to make.

The lines that make up 'Heart of You' are simple and honest, and the overall feel of the song reflects the truth behind the emotions. Park explains the excitement behind the new, untouched feeling in the chorus:

"I've never felt this before / I've never fallen in love / You're everything and more / I've been dreaming of / I don't know the moves I should make / Or all the things I should say and do / But I'll make it through / If I can hold on to / The heart of you"

'Heart of You' etched itself into the No. 1 spot on Heatseekers South Central and is currently making its rounds on airwaves down south, which the native Texan calls home. As always, Park is on the road -- he plays 200+ shows a year -- touring his new EP throughout the Lone Star State, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Park's 'Fall 2010' EP, which also features the previously spotlighted song 'All Night,' made its debut in (shocker!) the fall of 2010. It immediately jumped to No. 56 on Billboard's Top Country Albums list, as well as hitting the No. 7 spot on iTunes' Top 10 Country Records.

Listen to Kyle Park, 'Heart of You'