The holiday season is all about spending time with family -- unless you're Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. This week, the 'Wanted You More' frontman used the band's popular Webisode Wednesday feature to shed light on the ongoing feud between the band and Kelley's estranged family member, "Lady Aunt B."

The family quarrel between aunt and nephew supposedly ignited after Kelley and his bandmates, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, infringed on Lady Aunt B.'s trademark as 'the real Lady A.' Tensions mounted as the Grammy Award-winning trio were preparing the release of their first holiday collection, 'On This Winter's Night,' which shares an almost identical title to Aunt B.'s own Christmas album, 'On This Chilly Winter's Night.'

According to Kelley's aunt, more appropriate band names for Lady Antebellum include 'Two Dudes and a Skank' and 'Two Hairy Werewolves and a Skank.' Apparently, the delusional woman has a vendetta against Scott's position as Lady A's leading lady.

Fans still concerned with the trio's family feud at this point should take a peek at the clip to get the full story direct from the source. Given Lady Antebellum's reputation as pranksters on the country music circuit, it's safe to assume that there is more than what meets the eye in the war between Lady Antebellum and Lady Aunt B.

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