With Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott having tied the knot this month and Dave Haywood having proposed to his girlfriend in December, all three members of the trio are enjoying all the changes that come from leaving the single life behind. And, hey, now that marriage is figured out, why not start thinking about the next phase: a tour bus that can accommodate babies.

"It's interesting," Kelley told reporters before a No. 1 celebration for two of the band's songs. "I was the first one to get married and it was very interesting coming onto a bus with two single people, so it's nice [that they are] going through the same thing, and you know we're gonna figure out the next step when kids come, what that's going to be. We'll stick them in the bottom bay of the bus so you don't hear them when they cry," he added blithely.

"[We'll] make a really wicked nursery under there," Scott suggested to Country Weekly. "The family's grown." She also said the entire band is happier now that they've found their soul mates.

"We've always had a really close friendship from the beginning, but I think we've seen each other grow," she said. "I'll speak for myself that I'm in a much happier place. We're excited to all be going through the same things quickly after the other, so it's really fun. Love is in the air."