Charles Kelley will make sure his musical preferences are played at Hillary Scott's wedding, whether she likes it or not. After the 2011 CMA Awards on Wednesday, CMT caught up with the Lady Antebellum trio to chat about their award wins -- and more importantly, how Scott's wedding planning adventure is going.

When asked what music she and future husband Chris Tyrrell are going to play at the big event, the Lady A frontlady was honest. "That is the one thing I haven't really thought about yet. Chris and I need to sit and talk through that," she said. "We have songs that mean a lot to us as a couple that will probably work their way into the ceremony and definitely the reception. But all the specifics? We haven't even gotten there yet."

Like a college freshman at a football game, Kelley was right there to offer up a suggestion, loudly chanting, "Motown band, Motown band," before Scott even had time to take a breath. We'll have to wait and see whether or not she'll heed his advice, but one thing we know for sure is that Lady Antebellum will not be performing on the singer's big day.

“I’m not asking them to sing or play an instrument," Scott commented in the new issue of Redbook. "I’m not putting anybody I love to work on my wedding day.”