Lady Antebellum revisit small town life in their 'Goodbye Town' video, featuring the band members performing and seeming to factor into the action merely as spectators, as opposed to playing characters like they did in the 'Downtown' video. But not so fast... As the video rolls on, you realize that Charles Kelley is indeed the video's star in more ways than one.

The clip is glazed in gray and overcast color tones, giving it a depressing vibe, which fits the lyrics and the glum mood. The narrative boasts some literal re-enactments of the 'Goodbye Town' lyrics -- from scenes under the bleachers stealing kisses, to sitting on courthouse steps.

Kelley has the most visible role in the plot footage, and he does an excellent job of portraying emotion and disappointment in his face and with his body language.

When he starts trucking down the street on foot, he's got a purpose, and you find yourself rooting him on, hoping he catches what he's chasing. That's when you realize the flashback clips are from his character's life.

It's a strong statement of the then and the now, of love and loss, of wanting control but being unable to obtain it.

No, Lady Antebellum's latest is certainly not the most uplifting video, but then again, neither is the song. It does capture those moments in the past that once defined and those which you can't relinquish or let go of.

'Goodbye Town' is the second single from the trio's May 2013 album, 'Golden.'