Last week, Beyonce sang the national anthem flawlessly at the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. Then it was revealed that she sang to a pre-recorded track, meaning she lip-synced. It caused an uproar in the media. We know what Miranda Lambert thought of the situation, but how about Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott? How did one of country music's best belters feel?

The mom-to-be isn't judging anyone in this situation, least of all Beyonce, since she understands how uncontrolled of an environment singing the national anthem live is. So many things can and do go wrong. It's common practice for vocalists to flub the lyrics in an epic fail, which gets tongues wagging.

“We’ve never been in that situation, but I think we could easily put ourselves in that position to where, when you’re in that much of a high pressure situation, something that is gonna live on way past you ever will because it’s such a historical moment," the singer said. "I mean you look at the Super Bowl every year, no one ever, ever sings live hardly anymore for the national anthem. So I can only speak from just the experience that we have in this industry."

Scott continued, expressing sympathy for the pressure the pop diva was under without exactly condoning her decision to use the pre-recorded version, saying, "I can see how you would want that, because there’s so many variables that could go wrong in that environment. And so, to have that safety, not that everyone would choose to do that, and I think it’s obviously still up in the air to what actually happened from what I gather."

As a singer, Scott "gets" it so she won't pass judgment on anyone.

"But I don’t judge anybody, because when you’re talking about a situation like that, you have to do what’s most comfortable for you and everybody knows she can sing every note on the scale, anyway," said Lady A's leading lady. It's worth noting that Beyonce did sing the recorded version, so she sang the song...just not live!