Lady Antebellum are embracing their Fleetwood Mac yearnings, and country radio may be better for it. "Long Stretch of Love" is the third single from 747, but really it’s a song that could have been released to rock radio 40 years ago.

A forgotten tension between Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott reappears during this uptempo love song. It’s the same chemistry that always left fans wondering “Are they?” before it became obvious they weren’t. For years the two played on this, and they do again from the very first note of “Long Stretch of Love.”

You’re hit then miss / You’re fire and ice / You’re water and whisky burn / We kiss we fight / Make up all night / You’re the blessing and the curse,” Kelley sings before clearing out for Scott’s reply.

But I don’t ever wanna break this chain / I don’t ever wanna walk away / Cause I ain’t ever gonna find another lover / Make me feel this way.”

The trio wrote the song with Josh Kear, but it's Nathan Chapman’s production that drives this rocker. Dave Haywood deserves credit here as well. There’s a renewed sense of abandon before the brief lull that introduces each chorus.

“There’s a long stretch of love / Coming down the line / I’m your rock that won’t ever roll / And baby you’ll be mine / I’ll be right here beside you / If these good times get tough / Baby we’re in for a long stretch of love.”

Scott mostly plays lead on the chorus, but unlike many of Lady A’s most recent singles, the song feels like a true three-part collaboration. By the end of the summer, expect this song to be tucked deeper and deeper into their live set — a sign of an impactful single.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Long Stretch of Love" builds around a dramatic rhythm section that's too strong to ignore.

Key Lyrics: "Over and over and over we say that we’re through / But I come right back to you."

Did You Know?: The trio may draw comparisons to Stevie Nicks and company, but Lady Antebellum say they don't want to end up like them. During a recent panel at Country Radio Seminar, they said they've taken great pains to be respectful of each other's points of view.

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