Lady Antebellum have made a career singing love and heartache songs. Vocalists Charles Kelly and Hillary Scott's finest lyrics reach for emotional highs and lows, although on occasion Kelley will look back and share a poignant and beautiful nostalgic longing. This list of the best Lady Antebellum lyrics looks past a single's commercial or radio successes to find the songs that are the post powerful expressions from a group of very talented songwriters.

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    "I got some platforms sitting in the corner / They wanna stroll on a city sidewalk / I got a dress that'll show a little uh-uh, but you ain't gettin' uh-uh if you don't come pick me up"

    It's a little silly, a lot sassy and a ton of fun. 'Downtown' makes the Best Lady Antebellum Lyrics list because it's such a unique addition to the trio's catalog. The 2013 hit is their finest story, with Scott leading the way with energy she'd never before displayed.

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    'I Run to You'

    "We run on fumes / Your life and mine / Like the sands of time / Slippin' right on through / And our love's the only truth / That's why I run to you"

    With 'I Run to You,' Hillary Scott emerged as a powerful vocal leader of Lady Antebellum. Her interplay with Charles Kelley was displayed in a romantic way for the first time on this single, the third from their debut album. One feels Scott's desperation and need to get away from the stresses of life -- the need to take safety in her lover's arms.

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    'We Owned the Night'

    "We woke under a blanket / All tangled up in skin / Not knowing in that moment / We'd never speak again / But it was perfect / I never will forget / When we owned the night"

    The last verse of this single from 2011 pushes it above many others on the Best Lady Antebellum Lyrics list. Throughout the song, Charles Kelley paints a vivid picture of a red-hot date between two long ago lovers. This wild romance strikes a chord in all of us. The quasi-title track to their 2011 album is among the best from the group's catalog.

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    'Need You Now'

    "It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now / Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now"

    Lady Antebellum took a risk with 'Need You Now,' a song that has proven to be their career song thus far. The lyrics rank this high for the bold, blunt statement singers Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott make in singing about a late-night phone call one often regrets. It is an absolute original.

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    'Hello World'

    "Sometimes I feel cold as steel / Broken like I'm never gonna heal / I see a light, a little hope / In a little girl / Hello world"

    As a single, 'Hello World' is far from Lady Antebellum's best, but the lyrics -- as written on paper -- are superb. Tom Douglas, Tony Lane and David Lee penned an inspiring reaction to the hate and pessimism in the world. It wasn't quite what fans of the trio were ready for in 2010, as they'd stuck to lighter love songs before then. Lack of commercial success says nothing about the quality of the 'Hello World' lyrics.