Lady Antebellum are in the middle of their 2012 Own The Night World Tour, and though their calendars leave them barely enough room to take a breath between shows, the Grammy-amassing trio say they already have a dozen songs for their next record. Talking to, Hillary Scott says the band has 12 songs ready, whether they've written them as a band or selected them from outside writers.

"Songwriting is such therapy and such a release for us," she says, "and it's a way for us to not get caught up in the madness of our schedules. We really do write a lot. Whether we're at home or on the road, we'll find time to write." And while Lady A's very recent (Sept. 2011) record 'Own The Night' is still bringing them new acclaim, as well as a flurry of new awards, Scott admits that the release felt a bit rushed.

"We're going to take our time with this one," she says, "because ['Own the Night'], as proud as we are of it, we all feel like we rushed it a little bit. So we're going to just settle in and write and write and write. We may try to go in [to the studio] at some point this year, just to try some things, but honestly it's hard to tell. We're going to really wait until we're ready."

The multi-Grammy Award-winning trio garnered their sixth gold gramophone at this year's awards, taking home the prize for Country Album of the Year. Speaking of the excitement that comes from such a big accomplishment, Scott points to the balance they have to strike as a band, especially when they're writing for a new record.

"These awards and these accolades really do spur you on and inspire you and make you go, 'OK, we need to work hard and earn it again when the next record comes out and is eligible," she explains. "But we can't overthink it, either. We haven't made it this far by overthinking it. So when we get into those environments, whether in the songwriting room or the recording studio, we just have to let all of that go and really not think so much."

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