When Brad Paisley stepped out to announce Lady Antebellum's performance at the 2011 CMA Awards, he stepped out onto an empty stage. Looking around with mock bewilderment for his co-host, Paisley was met instead by a bedazzled Miss Piggy. The muppet worked her wiles only long enough for Carrie Underwood to emerge from backstage in an equally sparkling gown and accuse Miss P of locking her in her dressing room.

Once the mock muppet mayhem was settled, Lady A took the main stage in a palette of shimmering blacks, greys and whites. Belting out their September single, 'We Owned the Night,' the group performed with professional ease and authentic enjoyment.

Behind the trio, dancers and "extras" of sorts made for what looked like a silhouetted party, complete with bar tables. To the cool tones of blue lighting, Lady A brought the song to an epic close, inviting the audience to sing along and tightening their already spot-on three-part harmonies. As the last beat of the song hit, the blue lights flooded the space behind the staged party, silhouetting the group and bringing the song to a grand and fitting close.

Watch Lady Antebellum Perform 'We Owned the Night' at the 2011 CMA Awards

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