Brett Eldredge's dog Edgar and his outlook on love were two things Taste of Country got the scoop on during this week's episode of Last Question.

Does Eldredge believe in soulmates? Does his dog sleep with him? Where the heck is Edgar, anyway? Those are three questions the singer answered on his way to a waiting car during this micro-interview. He also dished the last movie he saw, advice to his younger self and his favorite superhero. It ends with good advice from mom and dad — honestly, their words of wisdom are applicable to just about anyone.

"The Long Way" singer had soulmates on the mind during the writing and recording of his new self-titled album, available now. Brett Eldredge features 11 songs about love and love lost and one about his brother. At times it's an aching journey through heartbreak and despair, but in the end he comes out of it still single, but hopeful.

Last Question is Taste of Country’s new feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask. Brett YoungChris YoungSara Evans and Danielle Bradbery are a few who’ve participated so far. More will come every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country’s YouTube channel to never miss an episode!

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