Now that Lauren Alaina has picked up the car she won for finishing second on 'American Idol' last May, Hunter Hayes may be reconsidering her invitation to the junior prom. Alaina recently slid into the leather driver seat of a fire engine red, Shelby GT Mustang convertible.

"I'm nervous," the Dalton Daily Citizen reports that Alaina said giggling. "There's a bunch of pedals down here." It's possible the sexy convertible is a little too much car for the 16-year-old. She admitted as much by letting her mother Kristy Suddeth drive home from the Dalton, Ga. dealership. While the singer only has her learner's permit, she does know how to work the car's manual transmission.

Alaina picked up the car on Friday. She was dressed in a Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe cheerleading outfit, leaving one to wonder if she took the sports car to her high school's home football game that night. Her presence would be more than enough to energize the crowd and the (until last night) winless Warrior football team, but an arrival atop 550 horses would leave quite an impression.

It's going to be a busy month for Alaina as she begins promoting her debut album 'Wildflower,' which hits stores Oct. 11. Recently she revealed the stories behind each of the 12 tracks on the new album, including one written by Carrie Underwood.