Lawmen: Bass Reeves debuted with two episodes over the weekend, and if you blinked, you missed a lot.

The newest Taylor Sheridan (executive producer) series is based on a true story. Bass Reeves was a real-life 19th century U.S. Marshal, but he's not the only character you can research. The slave owner who Reeves follows into war is one of the many arresting characters that loved, lived and killed.

Yep, there is plenty of blood, murder and violence on this new Paramount+ show, too. It's all part of this week's episode of the Dutton Rules podcast.

The first two episodes of Bass Reeves cover about 15 years, from the Civil War to Reeves' life as a farmer, before being deputized. A very unique assignment involving Dennis Quaid's character takes him onto an Indian reservation, where he's able to showcase his knowledge of native life, as well as his quick draw and open compassion.

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Two things happen at the end of the show that viewer will want to keep an eye on: The first is that Reeves gets invited to become a U.S. Marshal. The second is that viewers discover George Reeves wasn't killed when Bass attacked him to get his freedom. In fact, history tells us the older Texan goes on to become a popular legislator.

Bonus fact: Bass' daughter is being courted by a young boy named Arthur Mayberry, who may look familiar. Actor Lonnie Chavis also played young Randall Pearson on NBC's This Is Us.

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Two Yellowstone Season 2 episodes also aired on CBS on Sunday. The ToC team dives into the fight between Rip and Kayce this week, and introduces the greatest Yellowstone villains ever: the Beck Brothers.

This week, Adison Haager and Billy Dukes break down the full episode and provide cast updates on nearly a dozen stars from Yellowstone. Listen to Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone + 1923 Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you podcast. It's also now available on YouTube.

PICTURES: Look Inside 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves' Part 1 and Part 2

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan's long-awaited new series, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, premieres on Paramount+ on Sunday (Nov. 5), and pictures released in advance hint at some of the drama, intrigue and violence that lie ahead.

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