LeAnn Rimes barely contained her emotions during a cathartic performance of her new song 'Give' on the 'America's Got Talent' finale Wednesday night. The singer was joined by the Silhouettes dance team, a group of energetic dancers young and old that were fighting for $1 million.

"I can't watch you guys yet, 'cause I'm gonna cry if I do," Rimes said before the show, and she was right. Wearing a short black dress with silver stars and red angels across the chest, she faced away from the inspirational performers in an attempt to maintain her composure. The team moved fluidly behind a translucent screen using spacing from bright lights to create shadows against the backdrop. By contorting their bodies and posing in unique positions, they're able to spell out words like "Believe," "Create" and "Love."

Halfway through Rimes' equally inspiring song about sincere generosity, Silhouettes spelled "America" and waved American flags before posing as famous war memorials. When the music finished and the screen lifted, they were all dressed in red, with shimmering American flags across their chests. Rimes could only wipe away tears and hope her makeup didn't run.

"I can barely sing the whole time, just the reaction and they're so incredible," she said. 'Give' will be included on Rimes' new album 'Ladies and Gentleman,' when it hits stores on September 27. Last week she released a video for the song.

Watch LeAnn Rimes Perform With Silhouettes on 'America's Got Talent'