It's not uncommon for celebs to tip off the paparazzi about their whereabouts or their destinations before they arrive. It's a measure of trying to control the snappers -- what images they get, and where. In essence, it helps dictate the kind of press a star gets. Rumor has it that the plethora of images of country star LeAnn Rimes looking killer in bikinis or hanging out with hubby Eddie Cibrian and his kids are no accident. Sources suggest Rimes has a deal in place with photographers.

Radar Online reports that Rimes, 30, is the subject of "set up" photos. Ever notice how she is almost always snapped while doing things like shopping or entering restaurants? It's because she tips the paps off in advance, according to sources. That way, the photos are flattering and never depict her in a questionable light.

The site claims that several sources have confirmed the Rimes-paparazzi deal. "LeAnn wants good pictures out there. She wants to look good and she wants people to see how she looks happy with Eddie, that's why she does that," an unnamed source reveals. This helps Rimes avoid any bad press photos, a la Lindsay Lohan.

For whatever reason, drama seems to follow Rimes around like a lost puppy, and she is consistently hounded by media for negative reasons. Therefore, it wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world if she tried to regain control of her public image by revealing her location to paps so they can feature her doing "regular" stuff. It helps deflect some of the negativity.